Ventures in Chance Posterology

After four years at CCS, I had created this self-inflicted bubble around myself, with which I would apply a gravity of anxieties and pressures to not fail. It reached its height last year and was met with the worst procrastination and avoidance skills I didn't even know existed within me, to put off the task because, in my brain, I had correlated it with being a stressful activity. I didn't enjoy it, even though I wanted to so very badly. 
Senior Thesis  ︎ 2021


Ideate and execute a final thesis for the last semester of senior year.


To liberate myself of these patterns, I centered my thesis around personal growth and pushing oneself to try new things. I designed a poster a day for thirty days while using chance methodology to randomize set parameters and interrupt anxieties around designing and making. I wrote out the parameters on pieces of paper to pull at random from a jar and kept a daily journal to keep track of changes.

With this approach, I have disrupted personal anxieties surrounding design and pushed myself outside of my comfort zone to try new things.



I pulled four guidelines at random every day, which ranged from illustrating to making handmade type to getting out of the house and taking my own photos for the posters. It forced me to continuously try new methods of making and creating.  On top of that, daily reflection upon the process via journaling created a chronological record of the entire process.

The handmade process ︎︎︎


A few of the posters from the 30 days, the rest can be viewed in their entirety here ( Microsite︎︎︎)

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