Neighbor to Neighbor

Selected along with seven other students for a studio sponsored by Quicken Loans to create a brand and strategy platform for Neighbor to Neighbor, a property tax exemption program in Detroit. In fourteen weeks, we researched, designed, and developed a multifaceted awareness campaign for the tax exemption initiative.
Identity System  ︎ 2019


To create a brand and strategy platform for Neighbor to Neighbor, along with seven other students, over the course of fifteen weeks.
︎︎︎In collaboration with: Yasmin Ali, Will Callis, Erica Heathcote, Josh Krauth-Harding, Jigyasa Tuli, and Matt Nielsen


Block to block, door to door, neighbor to neighbor. Inclusive, bold language. Attention grabbing colors. Based off of the grid system of the neighborhoods of Detroit.


Over the course of fifteen weeks, in our studio space, we built a collaborative process that allowed us to try to see every angle of the problem we faced — whether it be emotional barriers or challenges with language.  Our process involved lots of brainstorming, coffee, sticky notes, prototyping, and quite a bit of bonding.

Outside of the studio, we called residents through the QLCF call center, visited residents and canvassers at The Algers Theater, and saw the workshop process in person at the Black Caucus — these interactions became the most influential aspects to our design process and helped guide the choices we made.


Color palette and adaptable primary identifier. ︎︎︎


Resident facing assets, or resident touchpoints identified within the community, along with a redesigned Property Tax Exemption (PTE) form for the City of Detroit and a PTE Kit to get people started.

Canvasser assets that are bright, easily identifiable, and multi-lingual for when canvassers are out interacting with residents in the neighborhoods.

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Detroit, MI