To celebrate the 25th anniversary of InsideOut — a non-profit writing organization which serves the Detroit community with writing programs, tutoring, and mentoring — sixteen student designers created a multi-media platform to commemorate the occasion. We were given twenty-seven selected poems from students, and each made our own typefaces based on Detroit typography, these were then utilized across our different mediums. 
Identity System, Type Design  ︎ 2020


Create display methods to celebrate InsideOut’s 25th anniversary and to show off student poems and typefaces.


A playful, celebratory system applying the typefaces designed and poems selected, to multiple assets that could be sent in the mail, purchased, or used at events to engage the community in the celebration.

The original brand’s colors were expanded on to create a celebratory and separate feeling identity for the occasion. ︎︎︎


Being part of the team that designed the website, we wanted to create a space where poetry and typefaces were displayed, but could also be played with, in both a computer and a mobile interface. To try and bring the tactility of the book to a digital screen, we utilized an off grey color to imitate the soft grey of a newspaper, half-toned images, and gradients to add depth. There is a madlib section, where student poetry and student typefaces can play together; allowing users to switch out typefaces or phrases to make their own printable version.


A fun, playful, creative way to bring poetry to the people, through an easily accessible and common medium such as a newspaper. We had fun with it, creating advertisements for typefaces and crosswords and "comics" for the poetry.

Specimen Book

To show off and document the typefaces in a more physical form to be placed on a shelf, a type specimen book was created. It gets into the nitty-gritty, finite details of each typeface, along with spreads for each poem and documentation of the entire fourteen week collaboration.


Twenty-five motion pieces were created for celebration of twenty five years. These motion pieces brought energy and life to poetry on static pages. Excerpts from poems jump, shake and ripple to life, and they can be displayed on something as small as an Instagram page to as big as the side of a building during a festival like DElectricity in Detroit.

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